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Delivery of caddy liners
The annual delivery of caddy liners started today and will continue throughout June.
Residents will receive a roll of 52 liners.
It takes up to four weeks to deliver across the whole district. If you haven’t received your caddy liners by the end of June please contact us by 31 July, as we cannot deliver after then. Residents can report non delivery through the two options below:
- Waste Helpline (01629 761122)
- Email
Additional caddy liners can be purchased throughout the year at £2 per roll from the following locations:
- Arc Leisure Centre, Bakewell Road, Matlock, DE4 3AZ
- Ashbourne Leisure Centre, Clifton Road, Ashbourne, DE6 1DR
- Bakewell Swimming Pool, Granby Road, Bakewell, DE45 1ES
- Matlock Town Hall, Bank Road, Matlock, DE4 3NN
- Wirksworth Leisure Centre, Hannage Way, Wirksworth, DE4 4JG
Caddy liners can also be purchased from local supermarkets. However they must conform to the BS:EN13432 standard and display the compostable seed logo.
Meat, fish/shellfish, eggs including eggshells, dairy products, bread, cakes and other baked goods, pasta, rice, beans and pulses, fruit, salad and vegetables (raw and cooked), vegetable peelings, tea bags and coffee grounds, lard and other hard fats, pet food and any meal leftovers.
Please DO NOT put the following items in your food caddy:
- Animals waste / dead animals
- Flowers
- Soil
- Newspaper / tissues
- Plastic bags
If you require a replacement kitchen and/or kerbside caddy you can order one via our [website].
[ Subscribe to our garden waste collection scheme]
**Derbyshire Dales District Council**
Town Hall, DE4 3NN, Matlock
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